Do I need to have experience before attending?

While it is true that I had trained many experienced L&D nurses, IBCLCs, doulas, and other professionals already immersed in birth work, I have also had many enter my trainings as their first step into this kind of profession. What we know and care provider policies are ever changing. For this reason, it is great for experienced people to get brushed up on their current knowledge as well as for those newer to birth to get a strong foundation, by reviewing and completing the PreWorkshop Study Guide (PWSG) that I send shortly after enrollment. Everyone must start somewhere, and I am here to continue mentoring you even after the training is complete.

Do you offer discounts or scholarships?

I offer host benefits in exchange for work and assistance in getting a travel training up and running. At times, this can result in quite the steeply discounted training! I am only offering one discounted spot per training however, due to the costs I incur which include travel, supplies, hotel stays, food, and more. If you’re not able to host but can offer a free stay, discounts can be applied there as well. It’s best to email me to find out what options are available.

I'm on call during that time, can I get a refund or go to the days I missed at the next training?

Due to the rigorous planning and collected materials that go into making a training happen, I do┬ánot offer refunds for missed trainings. With at least 2 weeks advanced notice, I can transfer your registration to another training, but only one transfer is permitted per person. No shows are ineligible for transfers. Please take a look at the cancellation policy at the bottom of the Training Page. I understand that the doula life means we are constantly saying “…if I’m not at a birth.” Unfortunately, because of the group dynamics, flow, and minor tweaks of each training, I don’t allow students to show up to part of one training and part of another. This is a great time to have a stellar back up doula watching out for your clients for a couple of days!

Can I bring my tiny, quite baby with me?

I love new babies, I love new families, and I love supporting new families meet whatever parenting goals they may have! I’m willing to bet that every person in everyone of my training also loves new babies, families, and helping them to reach their goals too. Because of this, we are all highly distractible due to the cuteness of the little ones, as quiet and sleeping as they may be. Out of respect for everyone attending the training and for you to be able to concentrate fully on the topics, babies and children should be left with a trusted care provider. I am always happy to have nurslings come visit for a snack during lunch and the morning and afternoon breaks. For pumping parents, let me know ahead of time, and I am happy to help work out a space and logistics.

After the training will I be certified?

At the end of this training you will receive a certificate of training completion, which is required for you to submit with your certification materials. It does NOT mean you have been certified! Using CCCE or CAPPA Childbirth Educator in any form prior to becoming certified may cause you to lose membership and certification ability. If you have any questions, please ask me! In order to get certified, follow the steps at Remember, if you are choosing anything other than the Traditional Pathway, you need written permission from the Program Director.

Can I get started on anything before the training?

Become familiar with the steps to certification by visiting You can get started on the required reading before the training, however the other requirements need you to have “new” eyes with an educator’s point of view. It is great to audit or practice teaching classes before hand, but until you’ve attended the training, enrolled in CAPPA Academy, and have your printed files, they will not count toward certification.

What should I bring with me to the training?

Wear layers! I want you to be comfortable, so being able to put on or take off a layer can really help. I do make every effort to bring coffee and/or tea as well as snacks, however if you have very specific dietary needs, please bring something to nibble to keep your blood sugar levels nicely balanced. Also, bring something for note taking! While you won’t be copying everything I say down, you may want to make little reminders to yourself, fill out activities, and make networking happen! Whether it is a tablet or a pen and notebook, it’s great as long as you don’t find yourself too distracted!